I'm from the north, think the northest you can go than go more north. Yep, Alaska is where I grew up and it influences my life in so many ways. That love of the north kept me in the pacific northwest for school and will most likely be keeping me here for the near future. My community and love for food and social times inspire my work and voice. My mom says I keep things light, sassy, and as personal as possible. 



For the past 4 years I have been honing my skills as a designer at Portland State University. My work experience from the age of 9 has been with food. Either helping my Mom with her catering, or grilling up breakfast sammies at a food cart. My experience in art leans towards illustration, branding, and concept development.  

My belief is that people and experiences are the most inspiring projects to work with. So I try my best to connect with as many things as possible. My hobbies range from acrylic nail art to old sci-fi television shows. My current goal is to create a kick-ass home garden and re-watch all the X-files.

Contact me with any questions about work, food cart recommendations or if you'd like to discuss why Mulder and Scully never carry a camera.